Mother’s Day is coming up fast! On this occasion, we are sharing with you the Instagram accounts of 5 wonder moms. Inspiring and creative, you will fall for these women by the end!

1/ Mimi Thorisson is your foodie mom. Between pictures of her daily life, children and delicious dishes, this superb mummy will delightfully take you into her universe!

2/ Innika Choo is your fashion mom. A clothing designer, Innika brings a colorful and inspiring artistic touch to her feed which exudes joy and good humor! This superb mom is a real source of inspiration for those who want to become the next “fashion mum”!

3/ Maya Vorderstrasse is your mother hen. Always sharing crazy and hilarious pictures of her children, Maya brings us the humor in her daily life. If you’re feeling moody: our superb mom’s account will make you smile!

4/ Elisa Gallois is your mother nature. The photos of this mummy inspire serenity and sweetness. To remove you from the chaos of your everyday life: we stop, for a short moment, on pictures of a peaceful daily life, frozen in time.

5/ Peggy Frey is Cécile, our Marcom Manager’s, “favorite” mummy. She wouldn’t stop telling us about her as we wrote this article!

Known for her famous “bizou” with celebrities, Peggy takes us through her interviews and discoveries in the world of fashion while swinging her life of Super Mom.

If it is not her “Salut les p’tits amis d’Instagram !” that will make you melt, her countless stories with her children or even this Tik Tok video, with her daughter Pia, will most likely do it! We love everything about her, her humor and her personality.

You now have our 5 moms to follow on Instagram! If you want to keep on discovering creative accounts: check out our 5 Instagram accounts to keep you inspired :)

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