We spend, almost, more time at the office than at home: taking care of our environment, even at work, is a must! 

Discover our 8 commandments, easy to try and to adopt, to protect the planet from your desk.

1. Paper you will avoid 

When you know that 25% of the papers printed in companies are not read or used and that a sheet of paper requires 10 liters of water: we think twice before printing!

Our little advice: 

  • Always use double-sided printing, 
  • Print if it is imperative, 
  • Prioritize digital presentations.

2. Emails you will erase

“Deleting emails preserves the environment?” Yes, storing data represents 2% of CO2 emissions in the world. Your emails must be stored on several servers somewhere in the world and, for the most part, will probably never be reopened!

3. Recycling you will do

Fun fact: The average annual consumption of paper, per person, in a company is 80kg! (crazy, right?) Paper, plastic, cardboard, if you already recycle at home: why not at the office? ☺

4. Light you will turn off

Fun fact number 2: If you turn off the light 30 mins, every day, this is equivalent to 5 days of electrical consumption saved in the year!

5. AC you will stay away 

Fun fact number 3: Did you know that one less degree of heating is equivalent to 7% energy savings? Adapt your outfits to the weather and don’t hesitate to remove, or put on, a few more layers!

6. Walking you will try

Public transport, carpooling, bicycles, do not hesitate to use them! In addition to being eco-friendly, this will also allow you to be cost effective ☺

7. Your mug you will bring 

Did you know that an average person uses 3 cups per day, or 70 per month and therefore 840 per year! Take an eco-friendly coffee break by bringing your mug (or as NOERDENers, your LIZ smart bottle). 

8. Home office you will start

We can’t repeat it enough: home office is good (when it’s possible, of course)! No pollution, no time wasted and you can stay in your pajamas! If you are new to this practice, do not hesitate to check our 6 tips to try during home office

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