Choosing reusable water bottles to fight plastic pollution: that’s good! Doing it smart is better! Find out the truth about bottled water. 3, 2, 1, let’s go:

Reusable water bottles have become a “must have” in recent years. These super bottles are key weapons in the fight against global warming and plastic pollution. With that in mind, we challenged the biggest LIZ user on our team: David.

David is our “little” intern who is one head taller than everyone else. A tall guy, a bit of a hypochondriac, swears by the hand sanitiser gel and UV sterilization! He took up the following challenge: use a non-smart reusable bottle for 1 month. Please note, what follows is a summary of the daily life of a young Parisian who is very lazy and always on the move!

“What’s up David, welcome to your first interview: a word to share to the readers?”

“I did this for you guys, it was hard but it’s done and never again! (haha)” 

“Great! Let’s get right into it so readers can get on with something else (haha). What have you learned during this month with a simple reusable bottle?” 

“First, I tested the Parisian tap water. I usually let the water run for a few seconds before drinking it. Here, the mission was to drink it straight from the tap. Result: no taste problem or indigestion as you might read on the internet. But hey, I still recommend letting the water flow: you never know!” 

“Nice to know! What else?”

“People used to wonder “is drinking the last drops of water that has stayed in a bottle overnight safe?” With LIZ, I used to start UV sterilization before going to sleep and if I ever got a little thirsty: I knew I was drinking clean water. Here, it was a bit more of a puzzle. With that same Olympic laziness that I have, I could almost smell all the bacteria that had grown in the bottle overnight! I was right since an acidic taste had crept in during the night. So as not to speak nonsense to readers, I Googled this to know why, and here’s the answer (thanks Google): “Water absorbs some of the carbon dioxide in the air and a small portion turns into carbonic acid. This lowers the pH, making the water slightly more acidic.” if you’re lost, so was I (haha).”

“What is your feedback on using a non-smart reusable bottle during your month then?”

“I love LIZ (haha). With the reusable bottle, I drank regularly but I admit that I forgot more than once to stay hydrated. Then it was really the “washing” moment that I skipped way too often. With only water in it, I thought to myself “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow” all the time! (haha) Sadly this left me drinking from, let’s just say, a ‘not so nice’ smelling bottle. Clearly, I’m staying with my LIZ.”

“Great David! I’m sure your challenge and your feedback helped our readers to understand the difference between a casual reusable bottle and LIZ. Any last words for the readers?”

Stay hydrated folks!” 

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