We launched our newest smart watch in China, LIFE2. This second generation hybrid watch draws on the original youthful style of the LIFE line with mix-n-match colorful bands alongside a minimalist design. With five distinct color schemes to choose from and countless interchangeable band options, personal style with LIFE2 is limitless!

LIFE2 also opens up a whole new world to music lovers with touch screen Music Control functions!

Simply tap or double tap your smart watch’s non-digital screen to change or replay a song. No matter if you’re on a jog or commuting, you can control your tunes hands-free and hassle-free.

Music Control is just one of LIFE2’s many smart functions. Our newest connected watch comes with a plethora of smart functions to help simply and organize your busy life.

From vibration notification to world time synchronization and camera remote control, LIFE2’s smart functions will keep you informed and connected without causing distraction.

LIFE2 is also an activity tracking and sleep monitoring connected device with the addition of shareable health data!

LIFE2 records your activity (by detecting running, steps, distance, calories, etc.) and monitors your sleep (light vs. deep sleep, wake-ups) and automatically sends this data to the NOERDEN App through Bluetooth 4.0 synchronization.

You can now reach your own personalized fitness targets and track your growth and accomplishments! Your health data is displayed in clear graphics with health trends and history. You can now share your personal health data via social media, SMS and email to let your social community know about your progress!

With music control functions, shareable health data and mix-n-match bands, LIFE2 is ready to take you on your next adventure!

LIFE2 is already a big hit in China and we can’t wait to bring this musical muse overseas!

Stay tuned to see where LIFE2 will be available next!