“LIZ in App” is the evolution of our LIZ smart bottle. Many of you have asked us if LIZ will, one day, be connected to the NOERDEN app… It is not yet the case, but almost! Let’s discover all the secrets behind our new “LIZ in App” feature. 

Since the release of LIZ, we’ve told you everything about her. Starting with her nomination at the 2020 RED DOT AWARD, her video test in the laboratory to reveal the veracity of her UV sterilization and ending with the 3 secrets that even our boss did not want to reveal: everything has been said… well, almost!

Discover today “LIZ in App”.

This new feature is here to improve the daily hydration of LIZ users.

What does that mean?” you will ask. It is very simple. With the LIZ in App feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Get personalized water intake recommendations,

  • Set your daily hydration goal,

  • Input your beverage intake (water, coffee, tea, soda, etc.),

  • Set your hydration reminders.

Clearly, if “Stay Hydrated” was on your TO-DO list this year: you will soon be able to tick that box.

Obviously, the data that you will manually add in the App will be based on your hydration intake with a LIZ smart bottle (nothing prevents you from using the app with other bottles: the data will only be a little biased).

In the team, LIZ in App has already been adopted and validated! So, what do you think?

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