Being aware of the threat that is plastic pollution is great. Taking action to fight against it is better ! Here’s one small step that can make a big difference. 

We strongly believe that sustainability is important for our planet and we must take action to have a positive impact on our planet.

Here are some alarming facts that we need to be aware of:

  • 100% of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs.
  • 500 billion plastic bottles are used every year. This means there are 66 times as many bottles produced as there are humans on the planet, every year! 
  • Around 8 million pieces of plastic make their way, every day, into our oceans.
  • More than 1 million plastic bags end up in the trash every minute.

Ocean, marine life and our planet are being polluted. But there’s still hope! By taking simple actions, every day, we can contribute and make a difference. 

Today, we are happy to promote eco friendliness and support our partner, Pure Performance Distribution, in Hong Kong, on the creation of a drawing contest for children. Together, we want to help children understand the impact of plastic pollution and how they can make smarter choices to protect their planet. 

For this, we are partnering up with the Alliance Francaise of Hong Kong and Plastic Free Seas which is a Hong Kong based environmental charity. Plastic Free Seas’ mission focuses on changing the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns. 

How can we become guardians of our Earth by making smarter daily choices?

Click here to learn more & to join the contest!

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