Here is your new baby! You will love the new smart body scale named SENSORI. But before you commit, as in any new relationship, you need to get to know her. Make yourself comfortable, we’ll share with you our chat with SENSORI’s girlfriend MINIMI

« If you had to sum up SENSORI in three short sentences, they would be … » 

  • Minimalist design: yes, she is cute!
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Technology: she’s smart!
  • 10 biometrics: she gives everything without wanting anything in return ;)

« Which of SENSORI’s qualities are your favourite? »

  • her « Wi-Fi »: she’ll sync you up wherever you are.
  • her « Automatic User Recognition »: she can tell you apart from anyone else!
  • her « Heart Rate Monitoring »: she knows your heart inside and out.

« What would a date with her look like? »

Elegant, yet sensual! She is very touchy so you shouldn’t be shy with her. She’ll analyze you within a few seconds and can teach you things about you that you didn’t know yourself: Weight, Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Hydration, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, BMI, BMR, Metabolic Age or even your Heart Rate, she will quickly become your best health companion!

« Okay, then… Do you think I’m a good match for her? » 

Honestly, the only way to know is to try!

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