The past few months have seen an outburst of IG accounts dedicated to sport, with their flock of rightful #HomeWorkout #WOD #Bootcamp hashtags, in an effort to make training more accessible while in a state of physical and social lockdown. 

The time when everyone was trying, though not always succeeding, to keep fit from home has quickly come to an end.

As the sun shines through the clouds, freedom is back from the dead and social gatherings with our dearest friends, who we haven’t seen for weeks, are multiplying… no wonder all the good will for exercise is going down the drain ! 

And nothing is less certain than seeing the gym aficionados rushing back through the doors of the very few gyms slowly opening up again…

How’s best to get back to exercise given the current situation?

We talked with the French Bootcamp, a sport NPO, who knows a bit on the matter.

According to The French Bootcamp, what is the ideal training?

The ideal training is a training that we’re motivated to do ! Everything starts with motivation, and the rest follows !

So for this summer, head to some pretty spots outdoors, in parks and green spaces, with friends or in small groups !

A Workout example ?

A good workout will let you sweat, make your heart beat, work your muscles and train your endurance. For a one hour session we recommend : 25 min of running to kick off and get started (2 to 3.5 miles depending on your running level), 25 min of body weight exercises (cardio, HIIT, muscle building) and some stretching in the end to help prevent stiffness over the following days !

What are the best spots in Paris ?

In the evening forget about exercising by the riverside !

After 6pm a madding crowd will rush down the river sides to binge on Rosé ! Make a U turn and go to the Champs de Mars, The André Citroen Park (15th Arrondissement), the Bois de Boulogne, the Villette Park or the Tuileries Garden ! 

Needless to say we favor parks with large alleys where we can run without zigzagging in between apéro enthusiasts ! 

For a morning session, any nice place will do !

What shall I bring with me ?

A (smart) water bottle

A sports towel if needed.

Your smile and motivation

Let’s summarise :

This summer you get the chance to train with your friends, be outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the nice weather, in parks and green surroundings to please your lungs and get 100% motivation !

Our best pre and post workout ? That coming very soon ;) 
To get the best of it, go here 👋🏻

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French Bootcamp, how to combine business with pleasure

To get the best of a good training, outdoors and with your friends, take advantage of the free Bootcamp sessions run by the French Bootcamp !

How does it work and with whom ? 

It’s a one hour session, free of charge, 3 to 4 times a week ! 

At the Champs de Mars, Tuileries Garden, etc… With your friends, some (friendly) strangers, a very enthusiastic group. You’ll be guided by volunteer coaches. Find us on our website and social medias.