It’s September already and the summer holidays seem too far gone…

Yet the sun is still shining, daylight hours are still bright, all conditions are met to get (back) to exercising, your best ally to fight the upcoming stress and gloominess. If you don’t believe in self-motivation, read our last article on  How Do You Get Back Into Exercise After Lockdown? (by FBC).

Needless to say, working out is a good thing, and knowing how to get ready for it is essential : The physical and nutritional prep is as important as the session itself, to make sure your next workout won’t be the only one this year…

“What to eat before a workout?”

“How should I warm up?”

“How do I make the most of my work out?”

“How do I get ready so I don’t hurt myself?”

some of these questions are probably lingering in your mind… Don’t panic ! Here are some tips from the French Bootcamp to be in the best physical condition possible for an efficient workout :

Mind warmup:

each and every sport session should begin with motivation. Training by yourself or within a group, your mind disposition will help you immerse in your workout, to meet your goals. (if you lack motivation, don’t train by yourself!)


What you can or should eat prior to a session varies from one person to another. Nevertheless, some general advice still applies :

If you go for a full meal, let it rest in your belly for a good 3 to 4hours before you start working out. If you do want to eat right before the workout, go for something light and easy to digest, to avoid stomach aches.

Think carbs for a short and intense workout, fat (good fat is better) for a longer training (1hour or more), and overall proteins will do good to your muscles, helping them repair.


the role of proper breathing before, during and after working out is often underestimated.

Yet the oxygen one gives to his body is one of the primary resources for the muscles. Proper breathing means long and deep inspiration and expiration, which is great for your muscles.

Nothing is worse than holding one’s breath to kill a workout.

Muscles/body warmup:

To what extend is the physical warm up a part of the workout ? For the French Bootcamp, it’s not an option! A good warm up will allow the body to get into exercise mode, heating up the muscles and joints and therefore minimizing the risk of injury.

With the French Bootcamp, all sessions start with 25min running, to get the body going before the kalesthenic and HIIT workout. After the run, the body is ready which importantly includes the heart!

And always, let’s stay hydrated! Before, during (don’t drink too much while working out) and after (a lot !)…  LIZ is our top choice to minimize the use of plastic ;)

The benefits of stretching before or after a workout ? Find our post workout tips in the next article !

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