Good hydration is necessary in your daily life. This is something that everyone knows but which, however, is not so easy to do. Discover our 4 best way to stay hydrated:

Summer is finally here! It smells like sunscreen and merguez on the grill. Despite the positives, it also brings with it burning hot weather. Headaches, exhaustion or discomfort: these inconveniences following dehydration can wreck your day.

For athletes, as well as non-athletes, here are 4 tips to achieve better hydration.

Have a bottle with you

Sounds silly, but having a bottle with you will help you remember to drink. Automatically, when the thirst is coming: your bottle will also be there. Think green! Now is the time to use our 8 commandments to become eco-responsible and choose a reusable bottle.

Hydrate before being dehydrated

“I’m thirsty … but I’m so lazy to move!”: A sentence that is too familiar to you? It’s ok, you are not alone. However, you should know that 1% of bodyweight deficit in water is enough to affect cognitive and physiological functions. Only 1%! With that in mind, force yourself to drink regularly before you are thirsty.

Flavor your water

Here is a small summary of the fruits with the most water in them:

– Tomato (94.1%) we can get into the debate another time

– Watermelon (90.9%)

– Strawberry (90.1%)

– Grapefruit (89.8%)

– Lemon (89%) 


Choose your favorite!

Don’t forget tap water

Being a free source of water, you can hydrate yourself until your stomach explodes! “Yeah, but it’s not hygienic!” Our answer is to choose a bottle that sterilizes water, like the beautiful LIZ smart bottle, so you don’t have to think about it. If you’re still not convinced, here’s LIZ’s UV Sterilization test video ! 

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