As we expand into more markets globally, fresh talent is joining us on our startup journey! Let’s meet our newest team members and discover how their passions and personality lead them to uniting with our international smart-tech brand!

Name: Manel

Age: 39

Nationality: French

Position: Marketing Product Manager

Languages: French, English, some German and conversational Chinese.

How many countries have you lived and/or worked in?

“France, Canada, Sweden, China, and England! My favorite was Vancouver. Canadians are the friendliest people in the world and the city is close to the mountains and ocean. But it’s not real life, living in Canada is like…Disneyland.”  

Which health stat on the NOERDEN App do you check most regularly?

“Normally, I track how many steps I take [per day].”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“It’s common, but to really live in the moment. My husband lost many people when he was growing up so now he is always very positive about life, like it’s his last day. So I’ve learned to really enjoy the moment.”

Which NOERDEN product matches your personality best and why?

“LIFE2+ [silver model] because it’s the style I like: simple, minimalist and chic, – without being too showoff-y or sparkly.  The bonus is that I get compliments everyday about it!”

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

“Probably moving to China. I lived in 4 other countries before, but China was very complicated and totally different. When I arrived I felt a real imbalance, like when you have nothing to hold onto, such as culture, language. I was nervous and excited. I had to be resourceful.”

What have you noticed is different about the NOERDEN office environment compared to other companies?

“What I noticed is how it’s very efficient; one day the export manager asked for a special mock-up for a specific client, so we went to the design team and got it all done that day. There’s lots of helping and goodwill.”

Tell me something about yourself that people in the office wouldn’t know.

“When I was a child my hips were concave so the doctors wanted me to have a serious hip surgery. But my dad protested and instead he made me wear my shoes on the opposite feet. After a few years I no longer needed the hip surgery. So my dad’s a magician!”

Welcome to the team Manel!

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