As we expand into more markets globally, fresh talent is joining us on our startup journey! Let’s meet our newest team members and discover their unique roles and learn how their passions lead them to uniting with our international connected devices brand!

Name: Wing

Nationality: Chinese

Position: China Marketing Manager

Phobias? I am very afraid of ghosts! I know it’s silly, but in China is actually quite a common fear.

Your role: I provide guidance, initiate programs and execute specific communications goals. Develop advertising and marketing communication material and prepare articles.

Projects you’re currently working on: Co-branding with Anna Sui

Favorite thing about working at NOERDEN: The relaxing work environment with multicultural and positive colleagues.

Name: Liam (LJ)

Nationality: Scottish

Position: International Business Development

Projects you’re currently working on: Launching distribution channels for NOERDEN in the Baltics.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done? I took the Trans-Siberian railway for a month, all the way from St. Petersburg to Beijing! It was simply awesome.

Favourite thing about working at NOERDEN: As an international team, I like that we all have different backgrounds and perspectives. I really value my coworker’s feedback because it provides me with new ways to approach and solve problems.

Describe NOERDEN in one word: Energetic

Name: Amanda

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Marketing Assistant (8-month Internship)

You work in marketing, what social media could you not live without? Well, in China that’s easy! I can’t live without the Wechat APP because I use the Wechat Wallet to pay for everything! And the Wechat Chat to communicate with everyone too.

What you do: Assist the marketing team with social media content generation and updating marketing materials.

Favorite thing about working at NOERDEN: The flexibility I have with my hours.

Name: Melvyn

Nationality: French

Position: E-commerce Project Lead (6-month internship)

What you do: the brand is growing so quickly, there’s lots to do! I’m currently helping open E-commerce channels in Africa. We just opened one in Nigeria, it was a great opportunity!

Favorite thing about working at NOERDEN: Like China, everything is growing fast at NOERDEN! I feel proud to be part of this adventure with such a fun team!

As a techie, what do you think is the most useful tech invention? Since I usually spend my entire summers by the sea, I really appreciate the Sea Cleaners: machines on boats that pick up plastic pollution from the ocean.