Most of the fitness community think that to build bigger muscles, you need to add reps. That may be true, but have you tried to add Negative Reps to your workout routine?

First, what are Negative Reps

A negative set is a normal set performed by controlling and slowing down the lowering phase rep’s tempo (from 3 to 5 seconds).

If your weights are too easy to lift, try this, you’ll be in pain (but “no pain, no gain” right?). 

Negative Reps are so good to build bigger muscles and help you to get stronger. Here are 7 benefits you can have by only doing Negative Reps:

Benefit 1: positional strength throughout range

Positional Strength refers to building strength in specific positions during a lift. Why should you do it ? 

  • You want to progress your lifting numbers,
  • You have a mobility restriction : holding positions in a movement helps to open up, 
  • Your daily life requires you to maintain certain positions throughout your day and you wish to strengthen them specifically.

Benefit 2: muscle gains


Benefit 3: focus on form

Too many people neglect to pay attention to the most important thing during a workout: form (if you check out a crossfit gym, you’ll understand). Focusing on form will maximize your workouts, gains and minimize risk of injury. Form > Intensity

Benefit 4: hormonal effect

“Hormones can increase blood pressure, stimulate protein synthesis, and increase the body’s metabolic rate. With resistance training variables, several hormonal responses and consequent adaptations which have been observed will be reviewed in this article.” (for more info : click here)

Benefit 5: fix imbalances

We’re all affected by this issue. We all have a weaker muscle than the other or a significant difference in the size, strength or shape of a pair of muscles. There are two reasons why you have muscle imbalances : by lifting too heavy or by the lack of mind-muscle connection (we all have a dominant side). By controlling your reps, you might fix this situation!

Benefit 6: can be applied to any movement 

Ok, now that you know about the benefits, should you do it every workout? 

The answer is: Yes, you can! If you’re planning on doing Negatives during your workout: do it AFTER the main set. This is a great way to end the set and blow out your muscles!

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